Ultimate 1900 Seamless Patterns Pack - 20 Artistic Styles - JPG & Photoshop PAT

Seamless Patterns
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Introducing our comprehensive bundle of 1900 seamless patterns in 20 unique styles, each with a commercial license. This collection includes files in two types: high-resolution JPG images (4500x4500 pixels and 1160x1160 pixels) and .pat files for Photoshop.

Whether you need patterns extending horizontally or vertically, this pack has you covered.

Styles Included:

1. Constructivist
2. Cubo-futurism
3. Dada
4. Fauvist
5. Futurist
6. Abstract Expressionist
7. Abstract
8. Art Deco
9. Art Nouveau
10. Baroque
11. Expressionist
12. Lyrical Abstraction
13. Minimalist
14. Neo-Plasticism
15. Op Art
16. Pointillism
17. Pop Art
18. Precisionism
19. Surrealist
20. Symbolist

These infinite backgrounds are perfect for a variety of uses including:

Digital Art: Create stunning digital artwork with seamless integration.

Graphic Design: Enhance your design projects with unique patterns.

Web Design: Use as background images for websites to create visually appealing designs.

Textile Design: Ideal for fabric prints, ensuring smooth and continuous patterns.

Scrapbooking: Perfect for crafting unique and creative scrapbook pages.

Note: A very small number of patterns will extend only vertically or horizontally.

Enjoy our special introductory price and elevate your creative projects with this versatile bundle.