Mega Pattern Collection: 1080 Unique Designs Across Tech, Animals, Geometric, Abstract, and Floral Themes

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Welcome to our 1080 Ultimate Pattern Bundle, the perfect addition to your design toolkit! This extensive collection features a diverse array of seamless patterns, each meticulously crafted to suit various themes and projects. Whether you’re a graphic designer, web developer, or hobbyist, you’ll find the perfect pattern to elevate your creative work.

Included Pattern Types:

Tech Patterns: Sleek and modern designs inspired by technology and digital innovation.

Animal Patterns: Adorable and dynamic animal motifs that bring a touch of nature to your projects.

Geometric Patterns: Bold and intricate geometric shapes that add structure and elegance.

Abstract Patterns: Unique and artistic designs that inspire creativity and imagination.

Floral Patterns: Beautiful and delicate floral motifs perfect for adding a natural, organic feel.

Care-Related Patterns: Gentle and soothing designs ideal for health and wellness projects.

Doodle Patterns: Fun and playful doodles that bring a whimsical touch to any design.

Product Details:

File Sizes: Patterns come in two sizes, 5000x5000 pixels and 1160x1160 pixels.

File Formats: Available as JPG files and .pat format (Photoshop patterns) with a size of 1160x1160 pixels.

Commercial License: Included with every purchase, allowing you to use these patterns in commercial projects without any worries.

Seamless Designs: Each pattern is seamless, enabling you to create infinite backgrounds and continuous designs with ease.

Transform your designs with our 1080 Ultimate Pattern Bundle and enjoy the endless possibilities these patterns offer. Whether for digital projects, print materials, or merchandise, these patterns will add a professional and creative touch to your work.

Get your bundle today and start creating!