Complete Collection of Bird Stickers: 195 Transparent PNG Images - Commercial License Included.

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Welcome to our vibrant collection of 195 high-resolution bird stickers, each carefully crafted to capture the essence of its species. From the commanding presence of the Bald Eagle to the flamboyant colors of the Flamingo and Indian Peafowl, our images are designed to impress. The sticker set includes a diverse array of bird species such as the African Fish Eagle, the majestic Albatross, and the impressive Andean Condor. Whether you're looking for the mystery of the Eurasian Eagle Owl or the unique appearance of the Shoebill, this collection has it all. All images are 6144x6144 pixels, ensuring the utmost detail and quality for your projects.

Commercial license included.


  • 195 PNG images.
  • Transparent background
  • Each image is a colorful representation of a bird species.
  • Commercial license included.
  • All images are 6144 × 6144 pixels.
  • The collection includes African Fish Eagle, Albatross, Andean Condor, Bald Eagle, Bearded Vulture, Black Vulture, Brown Pelican, California Condor, Common Loon, Dalmatian Pelican, Emperor Penguin, Emu, Eurasian Eagle Owl, Flamingo, Golden Eagle, Goliath Heron, Great Blue Heron, Great Bustard, Great Egret, Great Horned Owl, Greater Rhea, Green Peafowl, Grey Crowned Crane, Gyrfalcon, Harpy Eagle, Indian Peafowl, King Vulture, Kori Bustard, Marabou Stork, Martial Eagle, Mute Swan, Northern Goshawk, Osprey, Ostrich, Peregrine Falcon, Philippine Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, Rhea, Sandhill Crane, Sarus Crane, Secretary Bird, Shoebill, Snowy Owl, Southern Cassowary, Stellers Sea Eagle, Trumpeter Swan, Wedge-Tailed Eagle, White Pelican, White-tailed Eagle, Whooping Crane.