Colorful Watercolor Floral Wreaths, High-Resolution Digital Art, PNG & JPG, Commercial License, Vibrant & Versatile Palette

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant hues of our Watercolor Floral Wreaths, a comprehensive collection perfect for all your creative projects! With 300 colorful, high-quality images in JPG and PNG formats, this set celebrates a stunning range of hues, from Ruby & Pearl to Seafoam & Hot Pink.

Each wreath combines the serenity of watercolor aesthetics with the vividness of striking color combinations, including Aquas & Reds, Golds & Creams, and the shimmering sophistication of Silvers & Blues.

Crafted at a substantial size of 6144x6144 pixels, these digital wreaths are versatile for both digital and print mediums, complete with a commercial license for broad usage.

Your purchase includes dual formats for every design: a crisp JPG with a white background for clean applications, and a PNG with a transparent background for effortless layering.

Whether you're adorning wedding invitations, creating stunning branding materials, or searching for that perfect graphic for home decor, our collection's meticulous design caters to both personal and commercial needs.

Combinations: Reds and greens, Blues and silvers, Golds and creams, Oranges and browns, Teals and whites, Yellows and greys, Reds and golds, Greens and silvers, Purples and blues, Blacks and golds, Pinks and golds, Blues and whites, Lavenders and greens, Peaches and creams, Aquas and reds, Burgundies and pines, Violets and tans, Sapphires and pearls, Emeralds and rubies, Ambers and ivories, Indigos and coppers, Rose gold and charcoal, Mint greens and lavenders, Cerulean and peach, Fuchsia and lime greens, Tangerines and sky blues, Champagne and mocha, Coral and navy, Maroons and creams, Ochres and forest greens, Turquoise and coral, Platinum and wine, Salmon and slate, Olive and blush, Ruby and pearl, Citron and dove grey, Caramel and ivory, Magenta and mint, Sapphire and lemon, Chocolate and azure, Plum and gold, Jade and lavender, Beige and claret, Raspberry and teal, Sunflower and burgundy, Powder blue and taupe, Sepia and cerise, Periwinkle and bronze, Lime and silver, Dusty rose and olive green, Scarlet and grey, Cobalt blue and tangerine, Pistachio and lilac, Honey and sea green, Heather and rust, Aqua marine and gold, Mustard and indigo, Pearl white and midnight blue, Sage and aubergine, Mahogany and ice blue, Electric blue and gold, Pumpkin and cream, Garnet and peach, Sand and aqua, Mauve and forest green, Lemonade and thistle, Eggplant and fern, Flamingo pink and ash grey, Arctic blue and chocolate, Sunset orange and sky blue, Tan and crimson, Silver and royal blue, Willow green and pearl pink, Terracotta and navy blue, Mulberry and mint green, Canary yellow and lilac, Charcoal grey and pink, Brick red and gold, Seafoam and hot pink, Lavender and lemon yellow