790 Unique Global Leaf PNG Images - High-Resolution, Transparent & White Backgrounds

Transparent PNG
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Embark on a botanical journey with our collection of 790 high-resolution (5000x5000 pixels) leaf images from around the globe. Perfect for designers, educators, and eco-enthusiasts, this comprehensive set offers both transparent and white backgrounds, catering to various creative needs.

With a commercial license included, these images are ideal for digital projects, educational materials, artistic endeavors, and more. Discover the beauty of Acacia, Alder, Aloe Vera, Bamboo, and many more leaves in stunning detail. Enhance your projects with nature's diversity!


Acacia Leaf,Alder Leaf,Almond Leaf,Aloe Vera Leaf,Angels Trumpet Leaf,Apple Leaf,Apricot Leaf,Arbutus Leaf,Arrowhead Leaf,Ash Leaf,Aspen Leaf,Azalea Leaf,Balsam Fir Leaf,Bamboo Leaf,Bamboo Palm Leaf,Banana Leaf,Banana Shrub Leaf,Barberry Leaf,Basil Leaf,Bay Laurel Leaf,Bee Balm Leaf,Beech Leaf,Begonia Leaf,Birch Leaf,Bird of Paradise Leaf,Black Locust Leaf,Blackberry Leaf,Bloodroot Leaf,Blueberry Leaf,Borage Leaf,Bottlebrush Leaf,Bougainvillea Leaf,Boxwood Leaf,Bracken Fern Leaf,Brazilian Pepper Leaf,Bristlecone Pine Leaf,Broadleaf Maple Leaf,Bromeliad Leaf,Buckeye Leaf,Buckthorn Leaf,Buffalo Berry Leaf,Bulrush Leaf,Butterfly Bush Leaf,Buttonbush Leaf,Cabbage Leaf,Cactus Leaf,Caladium Leaf,Calla Lily Leaf,Camellia Leaf,Canary Island Date Palm Leaf,Candytuft Leaf,Canna Lily Leaf,Cantaloupe Leaf,Cape Jasmine Leaf,Carob Leaf,Catalpa Leaf,Catnip Leaf,Cedar Elm Leaf,Cedar Leaf,Celery Leaf,Chaste Tree Leaf,Cherry Leaf,Chestnut Leaf,Chives Leaf,Chrysanthemum Leaf,Cilantro Leaf,Cinnamon Leaf,Citronella Leaf,Clary Sage Leaf,Clematis Leaf,Cleveland Pear Leaf,Clivia Leaf,Clover Leaf,Coconut Palm Leaf,Coffee Leaf,Coral Bells Leaf,Corn Leaf,Cottonwood Leaf,Crabapple Leaf,Cranberry Leaf,Creeping Thyme Leaf,Crocus Leaf,Croton Leaf,Cucumber Leaf,Cyclamen Leaf,Cypress Leaf,Dahlia Leaf,Daisy Leaf,Dandelion Leaf,Date Palm Leaf,Daylily Leaf,Desert Rose Leaf,Dogwood Leaf,Douglas Fir Leaf,Dracaena Leaf,Dusty Miller Leaf,Dwarf Alberta Spruce Leaf,Eastern Hemlock Leaf,Eastern Redbud Leaf,Ebony Leaf,Elderberry Leaf,Elephant Ear Leaf,Elm Leaf,English Ivy Leaf,Eucalyptus Leaf,Euonymus Leaf,False Cypress Leaf,Fatsia Leaf,Fennel Leaf,Fern Leaf,Fig Leaf,Fir Leaf,Flax Leaf,Forsythia Leaf,Foxglove Leaf,Frangipani Leaf,Freesia Leaf,Fuchsia Leaf,Gardenia Leaf,Garlic Leaf,Geranium Leaf,Giant Sequoia Leaf,Ginger Leaf,Ginkgo Leaf,Gladiolus Leaf,Globe Thistle Leaf,Gloxinia Leaf,Goldenseal Leaf,Gooseberry Leaf,Gourd Leaf,Grape Leaf,Grapefruit Leaf,Grass Leaf,Guava Leaf,Hackberry Leaf,Hawthorn Leaf,Hazel Leaf,Heather Leaf,Heliotrope Leaf,Hemlock Leaf,Henbane Leaf,Hibiscus Leaf,Hibiscus Syriacus Leaf,Hickory Leaf,Holly Leaf,Honey Locust Leaf,Honeysuckle Leaf,Hornbeam Leaf,Horse Chestnut Leaf,Hosta Leaf,Hyacinth Leaf,Hydrangea Leaf,Impatiens Leaf,Indian Hawthorn Leaf,Iris Leaf,Ironwood Leaf,Ivy Leaf,Jacaranda Leaf,Jack Pine Leaf,Jasmine Leaf,Lavender Leaf,Lemon Leaf,Lime Leaf,Lotus Leaf,Magnolia Leaf,Maple Leaf,Mint Leaf,Mulberry Leaf,Oak Leaf,Olive Leaf,Orange Leaf,Palm Leaf,Parsley Leaf,Peach Leaf,Pear Leaf,Peppermint Leaf,Pine Needle,Plum Leaf,Poplar Leaf,Raspberry Leaf,Redwood Leaf,Rhododendron Leaf,Rose Leaf,Rosemary Leaf,Sage Leaf,Sequoia Leaf,Spruce Leaf,Strawberry Leaf,Sunflower Leaf,Sweetgum Leaf,Sycamore Leaf,Tea Leaf,Thyme Leaf,Tomato Leaf,Tulip Leaf,Walnut Leaf,Water Lily Leaf,Willow Leaf,Yew Leaf,Zinnia Leaf