580 Seamless Wood Backgrounds & Photoshop Patterns Bundle - High-Resolution Images and .pat Files with Commercial License

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Discover our premium Seamless Wood Backgrounds & Photoshop Patterns bundle, perfect for designers, creators, and businesses seeking high-quality, colorful, and versatile digital assets. This comprehensive collection includes 580 JPG images featuring vibrant seamless wood textures, available in both 5000x5000 and 1160x1160 pixels, alongside a .PAT file for Photoshop at 1160x1160 pixels.

Whether you're enhancing your digital artwork, creating stunning visuals for your projects, or adding depth to your designs, our bundle provides endless creativity.

With a commercial license included, you have the freedom to use these patterns across a variety of applications, ensuring your projects stand out. Dive into a world of color and texture with our meticulously crafted bundle, designed to elevate your creative endeavors.

What's Included in the Bundle:

  1. 580 JPG Images with Seamless Wood Backgrounds:

    • High-quality, colorful seamless patterns.
    • Provided in two resolutions:
      • Large Resolution: 5000x5000 pixels for high-detail projects.
      • Standard Resolution: 1160x1160 pixels for web and smaller print applications.

  2. Photoshop .PAT File:

    • Includes the same seamless patterns.
    • Resolution: 1160x1160 pixels.
    • Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, allowing for easy integration into digital design projects.

  3. Commercial License:

    • Grants the buyer the right to use these images and patterns in commercial projects.
    • Offers flexibility for a range of applications, from digital artwork to physical products, without the need for additional licensing agreements.

This comprehensive bundle is designed to provide digital creators, graphic designers, and businesses with a versatile set of high-quality textures and patterns for their creative projects.