198 Retro Clipart Images with a Vintage Twist - Transparent PNG, Watercolor PNG Images, Retro Revival: Classic-Inspired Clipart Images

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Attention all artists and graphic designers! Get ready to add a touch of vintage charm to your projects with our exclusive bundle of 198 watercolor retro images.

With this bundle, you will receive a treasure trove of antique elements such as art pieces, books, cameras, coins, maps, medical instruments, tools, postcards, signs and much more. Each image has been carefully crafted in stunning watercolor to provide a truly authentic look and feel.

But that's not all! To make your life even easier, we are also including a version of each image without a background, making it even simpler to incorporate these charming elements into your designs.

So, whether you're working on a scrapbooking project, creating digital art, or designing a website, these retro images are the perfect addition to your collection.

Don't miss out on this amazing offer and add a touch of vintage charm to your projects today! Order now and receive your bundle of 198 watercolor retro images and the background-free version.

What is included:

198 PNG images with Transparent Background
198 JPG images with


Here are all the elements from this bundle with transparent items:

Antique art pieces, Antique books, Antique cameras, Antique cars, Antique clocks, Antique coins, Antique firearms, Antique furniture, Antique maps, Antique medical instruments, Antique military items, Antique postcards, Antique pottery, Antique tools, Collectible camera lenses, Collectible coins, Collectible dolls, Collectible political items, Collectible political memo, Collectible scientific instruments, Collectible toys, Collectible trading cards, Collectible war relics, Mid-century modern decor, Retro advertising signs, Retro appliances, Retro board games, Retro darkroom equipment, Retro laboratory equipment, Retro magazines, Retro military equipment, Retro sporting equipment, Retro video game consoles, Retro video games, Stove and fuel if camping, Vintage cameras, Vintage clothing, Vintage currency, Vintage fishing gear, Vintage glassware, Vintage jewelry, Vintage motorcycles, Vintage musical instrument, Vintage newspapers, Vintage photography equipment, Vintage posters, Vintage records, Vintage scientific equipment, Vintage stamps, Vintage uniforms.